Q: How can I be assured of receiving a quality product?

A:  As the industry moves toward more stringent requirements for quality and safety, manufacturers must look for products from companies that have an uncompromising commitment to quality. Monarch Nutritional Laboratories has established an industry leading commitment to quality.


Q: What kind of testing is done?

A: Full mineral % quantization using our in house laboratory on ICP-OES. Heavy metals performed on each batch using ICP-MS. Bracketed QC checks and internal standards on all ICP tests.  Incoming material receives  an NIR for identity confirmation and Microbiological screening.  All final products are subjected to an NIR and Micro testing.


Q: What is the lead time for getting product?

A: For in-stock items, (products listed on our standard price list) products are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of the order. Built to order items require at least four weeks lead time to accommodate incoming raw material and final microbiological testing.


Q: Do you have amino acid chelates?

A: Yes! Monarch Nutritional Laboratories manufactures many different types of amino acid chelated minerals, including lysinates, aspartates, etc.  We also manufacture a premier line of guaranteed reacted minerals under the CertiPure® mark.  Lastly, our Aminomin™ products react minerals with organic acids and protein from rice to form amino acid mineral complexes.


Q: Can you make custom mineral products?

A: Absolutely! Monarch has an active Research and Development department and manufacturing personnel with years of experience manufacturing specialty mineral ingredients. With new developments occurring in the nutritional industry on an almost daily basis, Monarch can be your partner in developing custom mineral ingredients for your nutritional products.


Q: What kinds of companies use Monarch minerals?

A: Monarch minerals are used by a wide variety of companies around the world due to their recognized quality and consistency. Examples of such companies include: manufacturers of products for retail stores, network marketing companies, contract manufacturers, compounding pharmacies, sport nutrition companies, food product manufacturers, etc.


Q: What does the term “Aminomin™” mean?

A: The term "Aminomin™" is Monarch Nutritional Laboratories' proprietary term for its amino acid mineral complexes.  Aminomin products contain a mineral component with rice flour to create an organic metal-ion mixture. The elemental percentage of the mineral is reflected in the products' naming. Some of these products contain a dash of an organic acid or an amino acid.


Q: What does “Certipure®” mean?

A: The term “Certipure®” is Monarch Nutritional Laboratories’ proprietary term for a premier line of mineral chelates that are guaranteed to be fully reacted.  These minerals undergo processes with stringent control on temperature, reaction medium and time to ensure a fully reacted amino acid chelated mineral results.  The reaction is proven using sophisticated laboratory equipment and is measured against USP standards where applicable.